Alhusayni LLC.

Welcome to Alhusayni medical and e-services Co. Our company is specialized in IT, eCommerce and medical tourism. Our offices are established in both Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We design and develop quality web and mobile applications, and we sell online personal care products and provide healthcare services for patients who like to have medical treatment in Turkey. Our clients are in the Middle East, mainly the GCC and Africa.
Turkey is a great producer of various personal care products and is a major provider of healthcare services that are in demand. Our base offices in the two mentioned countries, together with our contacts and knowledge harmonically integrate to set us at business advantage.

Business Methodology

Our methodology is to keep in contact with our associates in the importing countries, thus staying updated on their local market demands. We monitor the market demand and price and identify the most suitable healthcare service and personal care products that meet the requirements at the best commercial conditions, using our database and our local relations with medical-service providers and personal care items producers. We are aware that all personal care consumable products in our target market are imported from manufacturing countries, which means there is a huge market for eCommerce business dealing with a wide variety of products.


Our business will be going across countries in the Middle East and Africa. Our focus is on the MENA region particularly the GCC. That is a quite promising market for export businesses and the high demand for the medical tourism. Over the years, all countries in the MENA region have been dependent on the import for their personal care products. We are confident of being correctly situated for successful business activities with profitable results. The targeted market is huge and opportunities are immense as demand is high and purchasing power is available.

Competitive Advantages

Additional reasons make us your choice

Added Value

Our products and methodology will result in the most suitable commodities at the correct prices. That gives our importing partners a key to succeed in their business.

Partners Benefits

Our competitive prices and products quality shall give our importing partners the ability to make reasonable profit from the sales of the supplied materials.

Quick Delivery

We ensure that products are well packaged and timely delivered to our customers. On-schedule delivery of products is part of our company’s policy.

Business Ethics

Business ethics is the cornerstone of our policy and is the driving factor in all our transactions, and meeting customer requirements is always our first priority.


We are seriously committed to having and keeping up full trust and transparency in every business we handle. This is part of our established policy.


We are well experienced in online business, and we are aware of all requirments related including payment gateways and logistics.

International Relationships

We maintain a cordial relationship between our company and our customers in their local territories. Good customer relation is a prime factor in our strategies.


Timely communication and feedback between our company and customers keeps all parties updated and facilitates decision making and results in healthy business.

Contact & Location

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Turgut Özal Millet Cd No:57/6 Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey

+90 850 939 99 64

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